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Getting your staff or colleagues working as a team is an important step on the path to success. See how they make those split-second decisions on the track or in the planning of an endurance race.

EasyKart BANGKOK (RCA) is most frequently asked to host/organize the following: MICE, Team Building, Reward Party, Incentive, Sales Conference, Product Launch, Private party, Birthday party, Kids party, Bachelor party and Hen nights in Bangkok.

Let EasyKart BANGKOK (RCA) organize your group activity in Bangkok. We are happy, willing and able to organize your corporate or group events. We have an event formula to suit everybody.

Grand Prix: An authentic F1 race. Consists of a warm-up session, qualifying session and a final. After the race is over we will have a podium presentation for the top 3 finishers (including trophies).

Endurance: Le Mans style race. After a warm up session for everybody there will be a non-stop race for however long you want to arrange. This is ideal for team building. We can have up to 10 teams with 3-10 drivers per team. After the race is over we will have a podium presentation for the top 3 finishing teams (including trophies).

Free Schedule: It’s up to you! With this option you can take advantage of our venue and hold meetings or parties and then use our karts and track as you see fit. If you need finalizing the details, we are always more than happy to help.

For those who want to go the full hog we can also provide a buffet menu, drinks packages and Umbrella/Pretty girls for the event.


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